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Most fans of Captain Baculum started out following my videos on YouTube, and over the years I’ve built quite a big catalog. I curated a list of my 50 favourites to be re-shared, all in one place, in the best possible quality.

I’m calling it a ‘re-run season’. Every week I’m sharing a classic comedy video from the vaults. And while I’m at it I’m ensuring the best quality possible. Some of the original uploads are compressed or contain errors which I can fix. Others are getting full new colour grades. Above is The Bothering, starring my sister and I, to this day one of my most popular videos.

New Video Projects

I’m also launching new projects, including a podcast hosted BY my sister and I which we’re calling… Am I Bothering You?

You can watch the first episode of Am I Bothering You on YouTube right now!

If you’re a long time fan of my videos, now is a great chance to explore what’s happening over on my new main YouTube channel. And if you stumbled across Captain Baculum by accident and don’t know about my YouTube, hey now you do!

Find out more about me and my other projects on the about page. – C x



Official Captain Baculum news!

Buy the physical editions!

Captain Baculum definitive physical versions book 1-3

Captain Baculum is an indie comic book by Christopher Bingham. Great for fans of: Eddsworld, Adventure Time, Scott Pilgrim, Homestuck, and Star Trek.


I started drawing Captain Baculum when I was sixteen, and it slowly evolved into a simple story about a hero who needs to save the world. Years passed between books and in 2021—while the world was still reeling from a global pandemic—I finally finished a promise to my younger self with the third and final instalment. You can read along online for free, and if you want to support the project you can donate to claim a page or purchase the books on Lulu! Learn more on our about page. Start with Book 1, Page 1 right here.

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