A Brief History of Captain B…

In 2023 it will be 15 years since the first printed copy of Captain Baculum was made (shout out Lincoln Print & Copy Centre wassup), but the Captain and his crew go back a few more years to 2006. In honour of the occassion, and the new website, I put together a little timeline for you…

First print cover 2008
2006 – Captain B first drawn

I started drawing the Captain at 16 when I bought my very first graphics tablet. I had to commute a long way to sixth form college, so I used my time on the train to practice. My first early ‘strips’ were shared on DeviantArt.

2008 – Reworked as a book

In my first year at University I decided to write and draw a Captain Baculum comic book. Later that year I printed the first copies (with that cover art above). I refilled that first book a few times to sell at conventions.

2014 – Second book pressed
Book 2 cover 2014

Above is the cover for book 2, Baculum Sets Sail. Several years had passed while I worked on other projects, but it was finally done. I also redesigned the first book’s cover too.

2016 – Project officially cancelled

Huh!? Yes. By the end of 2016 life had kinda just moved on and I figured I would never get around the making the third book. It stayed that way for a long time, until uhh… there was a global pandemic.

2021 – Third book and remasters

During lockdown in 2021 and following some pretty crap personal experiences, I comforted myself by picking up an old, unfinished project. Not only did I finally finished book 3, Baculum Solves Everything, but I also gave the previous two books an upscale—new lines, new speech bubbles, and improved layouts.

The result of that work, and the 15 years that preceded it, is the definitive physical editions.

So yeah, that’s a brief history of the project! For more detailed insights purchase the physical books! They feature a three-part essay by me, as well as exclusive behind the scenes and early images.



Official Captain Baculum news!

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Captain Baculum definitive physical versions book 1-3

Captain Baculum is an indie comic book by Christopher Bingham. Great for fans of: Eddsworld, Adventure Time, Scott Pilgrim, Homestuck, and Star Trek.


I started drawing Captain Baculum when I was sixteen, and it slowly evolved into a simple story about a hero who needs to save the world. Years passed between books and in 2021—while the world was still reeling from a global pandemic—I finally finished a promise to my younger self with the third and final instalment. You can read along online for free, and if you want to support the project you can donate to claim a page or purchase the books on Lulu! Learn more on our about page. Start with Book 1, Page 1 right here.

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