Captain Baculum, the books!!!

Woah! This story’s getting crazy, am I right? There’s so much more to go, too. I’ll let you get back to it in just a bit, but first I’d really like to tell you about the Definitive Captain Baculum Collection, available now! Order your copies today on Lulu!

Captain Baculum definitive physical versions book 1-3

Get the complete story without waiting! All three chapters of Captain Baculum’s adventure, printed and bound in glorious softcover books. They include full colour covers, extras, early sketches, and notes from the author (me).

You can order them from Lulu right now, and they ship most places that I’ve heard of! If they aren’t available in your region, just drop me a line on Twitter and I’ll sort you out.

Buying physical copies of Captain Baculum is an amazing way to support the project and whatever comes next! Plus, you get to hold it in your hands and feel superior to all the losers reading it on a horrible computer screen. – C x