Captain Baculum absolutely terrified everyone is going to realise he is a fraud

Captain Baculum is an indie comic written and illustrated by Christopher Bingham (Eddsworld, asdfmovie, 5SecondFilms, Hi, I’ma Draw Ya!). It follows the misadventures of ‘Captain’ Cornelius Baculum, an egotistical idiot, and his friends Alex and Fouchy. Baculum is visited by a mysterious figure in his mind who tells him he needs to save the world, which sounds great! That is, of course, until he actually has to do it…

The character of Cornelius started as a daily doodling exercise when I was 16. At the beginning he was a caricature of myself, expressing silly thoughts I had that didn’t fit anywhere else, but slowly he evolved into his own character. Captain Baculum was first published as individual A4-style pages on DeviantArt. These were later redrawn when I decided to print it as a physical comic book. Several years passed between instalments—Book 1 was released in 2008, Book 2 in 2014, and Book 3 in 2021.

In preparation for the final chapter, I remastered Books 1 and 2. Most panels were completely redrawn, and the layout and speech bubbles were improved for readability.

The definitive versions of all three books are available for purchase via Lulu, a print-on-demand book service.

Captain Baculum ended up being a 15-year project, growing as I did through sixth-form college, to university, graduation, and into the unknowns of adulthood.

I created this website to share my project with new readers for free. Pages will be uploaded regularly until all three books have been shared. Other bonus material, such as early sketches and author’s notes, will remain exclusive to the printed editions.

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